Supportive Housing Investment Fund for Ada County



The Fund exists to increase the availability of supportive housing, an evidence-based intervention that pairs affordable housing with flexible and responsive supportive services. It will address known funding gaps for Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) projects, namely for intensive, supportive services at single-site PSH developments.


Investment that makes a difference: Supportive Housing Investment Fund. Introducing the Supportive Housing Investment Fund for Ada County, a collaboration of the Idaho Community Foundation (ICF) and key partners like the City of Boise, Our Path Home, local healthcare providers, and community-based organizations. This fund aims to bridge funding gaps and revolutionize support for Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) initiatives in Ada County.


Affordable housing combined with supportive services equals permanent supportive housing (PSH).


This evidence-based, long-term housing solution is designed to assist individuals or families experiencing chronic homelessness, particularly those with disabilities, mental health challenges, or substance abuse issues. Unlike temporary shelters or transitional housing, PSH offers stable and permanent housing combined with wraparound supportive services, which include case management, mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment, employment assistance, and life skills training.


Through stable housing and tailored services, individuals experiencing long-term homelessness can overcome barriers and achieve success.


In Ada County, this solution has already proven to be cost-effective, reducing public costs associated with crisis intervention services like shelters and hospitals. In just four years, current PSH projects in Ada County have already demonstrated significant results:

  • Reduced reliance on emergency services by 4,264 day
  • Saved $6,774,554 through decreased dependence on public funds
  • Enhanced the well-being and success of program participants by addressing underlying causes of homelessness

Despite the documented success of PSH, sustainable funding remains a challenge. With your investment, we can scale up projects more quickly, and house even more of our neighbors. Investors, local governments, and health systems are addressing local funding gaps and driving change through a pooled funding model overseen by an advisory committee of fund partners and subject matter experts.


The City of Boise is leading the charge by providing land, investment in affordable homes, and $7.5 million in seed funding to expedite the implementation of vital services. This commitment will leverage additional investments, aiming to double the fund total in the first five years.


Be a part of the solution by investing in the Supportive Housing Investment Fund. Your tax-deductible support will sustain critical services, bridge funding gaps, and improve lives in our community.


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